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How We Can Help


Food as Medicine

A few small changes over time can improve your lifestyle and change your life! We can help with this. It doesn't have to hurt or be awful!

I've helped people lose weight, regain their energy, and make the small changes that add up to big results. My basic philosophy is to add the nutrient rich good stuff, and the non-beneficial eating choices and habits simply fall away over time. Your body-mind is smart like that.

Good food tastes good and makes you feel great!


Deep-Level Healing

Bio-Metaphysical Alignment is a system that I created, yet cannot take credit for. I listened to my intuition - and after a weekend in the silence at a meditation retreat all of a sudden it was just there in my mind and heart and I put it on paper. It took my healing practice to a whole new level. 

Bio-Metaphysical Alignment sessions improve your emotional health, your intuition, and your mind-body connection so you can be healthier and feel more grounded and in balance. Healing has to go beyond the physical level to be long-lasting. 

We'll start with the metaphysical and follow in a downward direction to the more dense mental, emotional and physical aspects of your being.

Sessions are intuitive, insightful, non-invasive, and full of gentle, yet specific healing energy, and gifts of awareness so you can begin your journey of feeling healthy and remarkable.


More about Laura

First, let me say that I love my work! I do intuitive, mind-body medicine that is holistic, integrative and sometimes called weird. Don't be alarmed. It's  weird in a good, quantum, Consciousness-based kind of way. And based on how my clients transform -- it really works. 

Together you and I will get results. I'll spend an hour to two hour with you in each session. You will benefit from the attention and care you receive. 

My intention is to help you gain an amazing sense of well-being on your own. It can be simple. I'll share what I know. 

You shouldn't have to be dependent on an outside source (or me) to feel good. In extreme cases you'll still need someone, yet won't it be nice to drastically enhance your intuition and be more in tune with your body? Once restored to balance, your innate wisdom is great at managing your body's health.

The Many Layers of You


Layer 1: Physical Body

Your physical body is a miracle. Do you treat it like one? 

Remember, on a depthful level, you are in charge of your body. The mental and emotional aspects of the human are reflected in the physical. Clear those and the physical body shows up better. 

Sounds good, right?


Layer 2: Emotional Body

When your emotional body is cleared of lingering unpleasant memories, trauma, and unprocessed emotions you will feel more free and open-hearted. Then, you can be more at peace and in flow with life. You'll even notice that you can respond - instead of reacting to things that come up. 

Won't that be fabulous?


Layers 3,4,5: Mental, Supramental, Bliss Bodies

These three subtle bodies are lighter than the physical and emotional bodies. Did you download our free e-book, above? It goes into depth about the Five Bodies Theory.

 A Bio-Metaphysical Alignment session works at the mental and Supramental levels! Most modalities don't reach this higher level. What this means to you is - you get deep-level healing and results that are transformative, and that  are lasting shifts in your being-ness that help you along your journey of transformation and Remarkable Wellness. 

What are you waiting for?  

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